These are the supplies you will need. Check to see what the pup goes home with because some of the things you will not need to buy right away.

·        Life Abundance Grain Free puppy and dog food:  for your convenience you can order from 1-877-387-4564 or 1-877-329-8745 or go to   http://www.SHERRYSPOSHPETFOOD.COM If you use ID number 20016527 and ask for it to be auto shipped, you will get a few dollars off your order. For research you can go to  and you will see why I like this food.

·        NuVet Plus supplements (to be started after the vitamin paste is finished): For your convenience,  you may order directly from the manufacturer (at up to 50% off what most veterinarians charge) by calling 800-474-7044 and using Order Code: 44881 or ordering online at . By using auto-ship you can save an additional 15%.

·        Your puppy has been started wiht litter training as well as crate training, which will make an easy transition to going outside. Pick up a bag of pine pellets as TSC or Farm and Fleet to put outside where you want him/her to go. As you are proceeding with the routien of house training he will quickly learnt to go where you put the pellets.   

·       A gallon of distilled, purified, or reverse osmosis water to weans the puppy slowly over to your water.

·        A crate that is no larger than the bed he needs to sleep in. Keep in mind that the pups will grow fast at this time. Perhaps a large (or extra large depending on what size you are getting) crate with a divider that can be expanded as the puppy grows.

·        You will need towels or something washable for a liner for the crate. I don’t suggest an expensive bed until the pup is fully trained.

·        Large stainless steel or ceramic food and water bowls.

·        Metal comb and slicker brush.

·        Consider non-toxic, biodegradable cleaners, pet safe cleaners for your homes. Life Abundance carries a couple of really great products. (Contact information at the top of the page.)

·        Puppy shampoo: no tears, oats, or aloe are good choices. I prefer Life Abundance Revitalizing Shampoo. The Bath Fresh Mist is great and the Soothing Mist  too, as moister to your pets skin. (Contact information at the top of the page.)

·        It is important to keep your puppies ears clean.  Life Abundance makes a veterinarian quality Ear Care Formula that I would recommend. Other brands will work but as you can see I am partial to Life’s Abundance products/

·        I recommend a harness over the collar to start with as their trachea is still developing. A medium size will have some growing room.

·        Toys to keep their little mouths busy and out of trouble. The best and safest toys are LARGE Kongs, Nyla-bones, stuffing free soft toys, and fleece ropes Bull Sticks, Cow hooves and real, hard bones (not rawhide) are the safest chews.

·        The better we feed our four legged children, the healthy they will be and the longer they will live. In keeping with an all natural healthy lifestyle for your puppies, Life Abundance carries Training Treats, Pork Treats, and Antioxidant Bars, Dental Treats, and Wholesome Heart treats. (Contact information at the top of the page.)