The below Health Guarentee and contract is exactly what you will receive with your puppy:



Please do not fill out this document and send it to me.  (I need to verify that the pup you are interested in is available and fill in the details for your specific pup and will only accept a contract after the application is recieved and we agree upon terms. Therefore, I will send/email a copy when the time is ready.                                                                                                                                                                                                    Please take time to explored my site and read the contract. And feel free to contact or call 614-589-8891 for specific questions I have not addressed. I will respond within 24 hours on weekdays.                                                  

                                Ohio Standards   



Sales and Health Guarantee and Agreement, and Care Instruction:           


I, Sherry Jean Dye-Reed, hereby guarantee that to the best of my knowledge that your puppy is free of diseases, congenital, and genetic defects unless otherwise noted on page four (4) of this agreement. I will not knowingly breed or sell puppies from parents that have a known hereditary deficiency. I further guarantee that an excessive effort is made to keep the puppy healthy and the living facilities clean. I guarantee that your pup’s parents have been DNA tested for over 175 genetic defects and  guarantee your puppy until age two against any of these life threatening or significant quality of life altering, congenital or genetic birth defects. With a signed statement from a state licensed veterinarian (DVM) that your puppy does indeed have a life threatening or quality of life altering congenital or genetic defect, you will be entitled to financial coverage up to, but not to exceed, the price of the puppy for expenses incurred to treat the genetic defect. You may also choose to exchange your puppy or return your puppy for a full refund should expenses reflect this condition. The veterinarians statement needs to be on his/her office stationery stating diagnosis, treatment, recommendation, and medical options, as well as prognosis for the chosen course of action. I also need to know if the condition is congenital, genetic, or if it is caused or aggravated by stress or trauma. Documentation must include laboratory verification of condition and all medical records, including initial well puppy check and fecal test.


This guarantee further covers coronavirus, parvovirus, and leptovirus, if found within the first (7) seven days after receiving your puppy. I reserve the right to decline this compensation if I have other pups from this litter and can document that those pups are free of the virus. Again, the above mentioned documents must be presented for compensation. I again reserve the right to a second opinion at the buyer’s expense as well as an interpretation of the records and documentation from my vet. In the case that these viruses are found, I will pay medical expenses up to the cost of the puppy for the treatment, visits, and medication for the listed life threatening viruses.


In the highly unlikely event that death should occur, a necropsy must be performed and the report verified by my Veterinarian, along with before mentioned documents, to determine the cause of death. 


This guarantee is based on the condition that your puppy has seen a Veterinarian within three (3) business days of receiving him/her or within 24 hours if the puppy is delivered. This guarantee is also on the condition that you and your vet accepted and regarded my previous medical records. I reserve the right to a second opinion at the buyer’s expense as well as an interpretation of all records and documentations by my Veterinarian. I must be notified within 24 hours of the veterinarian’s findings and the puppy returned within 48 hours of findings or in the case that the puppy has been delivered, within seven days of findings. Return and transportation would be at the new owner’s expense.     



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Though I am as helpful as possible to assist you in determining future unknowns such as size, weight, color, etc. of your puppy, it is important that you do your homework, because I can make no promises about these things, as nature is often unpredictable. The sizes and colors of the parents, as well as the pedigree, when applicable, are available to help you determine these things and I am always available for questions. And though, based on the linage of the pups and my history of producing quality pups, there is great potential for champion show and agility, breeding, service, and therapy, I do not guarantee any of these things, I do not guarantee the fertility, show quality, or production of your puppy. Buying a puppy for show and breeding is always subject to unknowns at this young age. Your puppy is guaranteed to be of at least pet quality and is being adopted as a companion. I do guarantee that your puppy will, in some way, be imperfect, as we all are.


The new owner understands that it is common for pup’s appetites to drop when they transition to a new home. Their possible aversion to food is not because they don't know how to eat but because they are not yet comfortable in their new home. Although this is unlikely for Standard size pups, if they go long enough without eating or do not eat enough for a period of time their carbohydrate level could fall to a dangerous level and they could have a hypoglycemia attack. It is therefore YOUR responsibility to see that they get enough carbohydrates to prevent this. I do not cover hypoglycemia because it is preventable with minimal care.  (See care instructions for prevention of hypoglycemia.) 


 Please understand that until your puppy is fully immunized, they are susceptible to the above diseases and others brought in on the feet, from other animals, carried by insects, at puppy parks and out in your yard. The cost for care of these diseases could well exceed the cost of your puppy, so the new owner needs to take heed that they do not unnecessarily expose their puppy to these things. I will not cover viruses, bacteria, or parasite that are picked up after the puppy leaves my house.


This guarantee will not cover reactions to vaccines or medical treatment you and your vet choose to administer. It will also be void if you or your vet choose to disregard the medical and vet records, I send home with the pup. I will not guarantee the health of a puppy seen by Banfield, VCA hospitals, or any other franchise they often will not acknowledge my records and are known to over treat and falsely diagnose. Please find a privately owned Veterinary business.

Please understand that this guarantee also does not include injuries incurred after leaving my home. Nor does it cover stress-related circumstances, or the medical expenses incurred. The owner needs to be aware of this possibility and the medical expense that might be incurred from the stress of the transition into a new home. 

Your pup is guaranteed to have been de-wormed at two, four, six, and eight weeks of age. Caution is taken to avoid all parasite but please understand that they are in the very ground we walk on. Fortunately, they are also very treatable and outside of serious negligence, they are very treatable. For this reason and the fact that stress can cause dormant protozoa to develop I do not guarantee against parasites.

The new owner agrees that the puppy will reside inside the home of the owner and not be chained, tied, or housed outside. The new owner agrees to properly socialize the puppy and make them a member of the family. The new owner agrees to provide quality food at the quantities as instructed, adequate exercise and follow their Veterinarian’s recommendations outside of what I require. If the above is not adhered to this contract will be invalid. This guarantee will be terminated if pup is deemed abused, neglected, or the contract violated.

This guarantee is to the original owner only. Under no circumstance will a refund puppy be given if your puppy has not seen your vet within three business days, or not been kept up on the vet recommended vaccinations, boosters, de-wormings, and spay/neutered as agreed upon, so please keep these records. 

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Typically, a Standard Poodle will have no trouble adjusting or eating but there are a couple precaution that should insure that is the case. The new owner is to put corn syrup on their water for the first week. It doesn't necessarily have to be measured but approximately three (3) tablespoons per cup of water should be sufficient. Pups will typically drink, even when they do not eat. In a day or two you should see their appetite increase if it has been sluggish food at first. Be aware of lethargy and listlessness. PLEASE call, text, or email me with any concerns. Sometimes I can give you an easy fix or assurance that will ease your mind. ​


Your puppy is weaned onto dry food that is moistened with an abundance of warm water. Although most pups are fully weaned onto completely dry food by the time they go to their new home, going back to a moist preparation for the first week could entice their appetite if you feel like it is sluggish.  I will also be happy to coach you through other ideas if you are concerned about your puppy not eating. I recommend giving your puppy access to dry food at all times and keep them on only that food (no treats [except for sparingly for potty rewards] table food, grass, crayons, etc.) for at least the first seven (7) days. After that time, you can tweak the diet; making slow and gradual changes. Treats should be wholesome and consume no more than 10% of a puppy’s diet. A good gauge to determine how frequently a pup should have carbohydrates if you are going to feed on a schedule is for every pound a pup weighs, they should have some carbohydrates at that interval in hours. For example, a three-pound pup should have carbohydrates at least every three hours; a four-pound pup should have carbohydrates at least every four hours, etc. Every pup should eat no less than three times a day until they are at least six months old. If they are eating and drinking well through the day they do not need to be feed or watered at night. Food can be taken up a couple hours before bed. The new owner agrees to feed only a high quality food, 4-5 star rated by


The new owner agrees to offer distilled, purified, or reverse osmosis water upon arrival and continue on only distilled water for at least 3 days, then gradually mixing in your tap water so that they can get used to different water slowly. This is to prevent minerals and bacteria from abruptly entering his/her system that he is not used to. 


To help reduce stress, introduce them slowly to the house and the members of the household. It helps to introduce a new pup to another canine member of the household in neutral territory. Give them time to get use to each other, then take them home together. Limit the time they are with strangers, children, and other animals to about 15 minutes. The new owner agrees to protect the puppy from other animals, small children, and people who may not be responsible enough to treat the puppy gently. Trust your children with a new puppy to the extent that you would trust them with a newborn baby.


The new owner agrees to properly train and deal with any behavior problems. Poodles are easy to train and eager to please but if unwanted behaviors are left unattended, they become habits which is harder to address down the road. It is cruel to a puppy to ignore bad behaviors. Invariably, if I have heard a behavioral complaint about a Poodle it can be traced back to the neglect or improper training by the owners. Two important factors to prevent problems are crate training and don't ignore misbehavior. (Refer to website.)


The new owner promises to avoid pet stores, puppy parks, public grooming facilities, and visiting other animals and people outside the home until they are fully immunized. Avoid vacations and trips within the first month of bringing your puppy home. As stated before, the new owner agrees to take their puppy to a state listened Veterinarian within three business days or one business day if the puppy is delivered. The new owner agrees not to allow any vaccinations, unless there is a medical emergency, for the first seven (7) days to reduce the chance of exacerbating stress related problems with your puppy. Please keep documentation of purchases, veterinarian visits, exams, diagnosis, prognosis, etc.… The new owner agrees to have their puppy spayed or neutered as agreed upon at their veterinarian’s discretion.


You will receive advice from many people but please keep in mind that MY recommendations and MY requirements supersede anyone else’s advice, including your vet’s, if it deals with any of the above. By signing this you agree to regard my advice and medical records and abide by them. The new owner promises to read my entire web site to prepare for their puppy. And please ask if you have any question or concerns.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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Please understand that when you sign this agreement, you are agreeing to abide by all MY requirements in this contract – including medical records - and not doing so will release me from any and all responsibility now and in the future. By signing this agreement, you are acknowledging that you read and agree with my guarantee, limitation, and care instructions on previous pages.  


Please know that I will accept the return of your pup at any time, for any reason you are not able to care for them. I am also available for any questions or concerns in the future… and I love receiving pictures and notes!


To Be Filled Out Upon Choice of Pup:

Date of Birth –

Date chosen –

Pick up date – 

Color – 

I.D. –

Sex -

Breed –

Mom – 

Dad –

Amount of sale = (Zelle and Venmo accepted)

Registration – AKC, PET

Due upon pickup =  $ _ plus 7% state tax =

Please sign and fill out below and initial the above pages.

• Signature (Must be at least 18 years of age) of new owner confirms agreement of above information and terms of guarantee. _________________________________________

New Owner’s Name (please print) ________________________________________

New Owner’s Address:______________________________


Phone: __________________   Cell Phone: ________________

What web site did you find me on? __________________________

What were the words (or phrase) you used to search for your puppy on the internet? ___________

Seller’s signature ________________________________________________________________

·         Buyer’s acceptance of this puppy agrees that this transaction was consummated within the state of Ohio and consents to the application of all Ohio laws and to the jurisdiction of Ohio courts.  Any dispute is to be settled by arbitration in Franklin County, Ohio at the new owner’s expense. This warranty constitutes the complete warranty between the seller and the buyer, and no other representations, promises, or warranties apply, either stated or implied.  – Form H 2021