What Families Say About Our Pups:

Kirby did very well on the trip home.  Today the vet was very pleased with him, and said you really know how to raise puppies.  Everything checked really good at his first visit.  I will take him back in two weeks for his shots.  I know we will really enjoy him.  He is so affectionate and is very good at keeping himself entertained with his toys after he tires us out.  Thank you! ~ Karen H

The puppy we purchased from you Saturday is a joy! She has been named Stella Jane.

She has taught us how to play chase and fetch a ball. She is doing well on her potty training.  She has a wonderful disposition, very loving and playful. Thank you,  ~ Lisa K

I forgot to tell you, our vet was very impressed with all of the information you sent home.  I had taken the packet and all the information you had given us.  They said they have never seen anyone so thorough.  They also said she was remarkably healthy and commented how clean her ears were.  ~ Jessica


Frank and I are reading The Art of Raising a Puppy, in which the Monks of New Skete describe a good breeder.  You fit their description to a "t"!!  We're so happy to have you as part of our circle!! ~ Melinda and Frank

Hi Sherry!

Things are going well. Leo is so sweet! He is always the center of attention anywhere we go and he loves it! 


He’s in some puppy classes, targeting class, and we have been working on obedience, etc. 


My boys had a tournament up in Cleveland this past weekend and we took Leo with us. He did great! He spent a lot of time at the rink, getting love from young and old. Did awesome with the noise! Spent his first night in a hotel without his crate, just his bed. He stayed on it without an accident. 


He is a great dog! Fits in our active family. Everyone comments that he should be a therapy dog, with as sweet and gentle he is with everyone. ~ Anna M

Thank you!   All is very well, so far.  Before getting him, I was worried about crying, eating, and drinking, but Raja has no problems with any of those things!  He is eating and drinking great.  He was so good on the car ride home and at night.  I'm honestly surprised at how happy and carefree he seems!  Thank you for keeping him so healthy.  I love him so much!!  I will keep in touch. :) Jenna S


… our Emmie is at the groomer now too. She is the best dog we have ever owned – basically potty trained when we picked her up from you and comfortable with the crate s well. We can’t thank you enough! – Adrianne S


A beautiful visit with out new pup Bear! Anyone want a puppy? There are some left! Amazing breeder, excellent facilities, beautiful puppies. Can’t say enough great things about this breeder! 

~ Nancy R

Good morning. I wanted to give you an update on snoop. First he’s awesome ! He’s been with a trainer for the last 2 weeks, the trainer said it’s very rare to have such a great dog for him to train. He said everything he tried, snoop was up for. He’s now fully trained to hunt birds and loves it.  I just wanted to let you know and thank you again for letting us give snoop a home. Have a great weekend. ~  From Aimee B


Lucy went to see Dr. Wolfe this morning for a checkup and a couple of shots, and she weighed in at 20.2 pounds!  She was amazingly well-behaved and compliant, even when he trimmed her nails and shaved the area under her tail…Thanks for your hard work socializing her.  It really shows!  She makes everyone smile, especially her "fur parents"  (i.e., the two of us). ~ Melinda

I’m absolutely amazed Latte’s temperament... Everyone’s healthy and happy. I don’t know how I lived without poodles before - just wow. So good with my three year old too. I am very grateful for your dogs and the opportunity to have them!” - Ashley S

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