You will not find a "Buy It Now" button on Ohio Standard Poodles. Nor will you find a PayPal or credit card link. We first want to get to know you and be sure that you and your potential puppy are a good fit. A holding fee and/or payment will be accepted upon acceptance of your application. I will then send you payment options once I send the adoption papers. The below can be clipped and pasted in an email to me at and I usually reply within 24 hours on weekdays.


Adoption Application


Where did you first find me? If online, how did you search? What words did you use?  What website?


What is your expectation of this puppy?


What is your expectation of me?


Why do you want a puppy? 


Are there other pets in the home? If so, who are they and what are the expectations of the relationship between these animals and the new puppy?


Are all of the adults in the household in approval of getting a puppy?


Tell me a little bit about the family structure the puppy will be going into. Number of people in the family: ages, roles, etc..? Are there any children? What are their ages? If there are children, how will you be training your children to handle the puppy?


Who would be caring for the puppy?


Where would the puppy sleep and play?


How long might he be left alone on the average day?


What training preparations have you or will you take?


What condition or behavior would cause you t need to rehome a dog?


How will you exercise your pup?


Do you plan to neutering/spaying? What is your philosophy on that?


What do you plan to feed your pup? How will you determine a good dog food?


Do you consider a puppy as an accessory? What does that idea mean to you?


Are you self supporting? What is our occupation


Do you own or rent?


Do you have a vet you can trust? If so, can I have his/her contact information, including email, and do you give me permission to speak with them?

Contact information:_____________________________



If you don’t have a vet, how will you go about choosing one?


Do you agree to thoroughly explore and read my web site in preparation for your new pup?


Do you mind me friending you personally on Facebook so we can get to know each other better? If so, may I have your FaceBook name?


Do you mind if I run a background check on you? If so, would you like to explain?                


For the safety of my pups, will you assure me that you will not be going to another kennel, vet, doggie park, or anyplace there might be numerous dog or puppies,  before you come to my house?




 What breed are you liikeing for?


What is your time frame for getting a pup?


Woud you be picking up or do you need delivery?


What is your sex preference?


What is your color preference?


What is your size range preference ?


What price range are you looking at? (This is asked to make sure there are no unrealistic expectations.)


Name: ________________________________ Date: _________________


Phone: ________________ Email: _________________


Facebook Name: ______________________________


Physical Address: ____________________________





Please clip and paste the above application and send it to me at

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             After exploring my site feel free to contact or 419-612-8996 for more information. I will respond within 24 hours.