It is documented that $367 million was spent on pets for Valentine’s Day last year. There is nothing that warms the heart more than a fresh, new puppy - and I can’t think of a better expression of love. But please, please, if you are giving a breathing, physical, emotional being as a token of your love, be sure the receiver is just dying for that new puppy. We – mostly men - often miss the boat when trying to get just the right gift. But when that involves a third life - a new puppy - it is not only a shame, but cruel if the puppy is not really wanted or appreciated. It is stressful enough for a new pup to leave his home and adjust to a new one. Let alone if it turns out that he wasn’t wanted, or worse - is abused because he is deemed as a nuisance. The best case scenario is that the pup will be re-homed or returned to the breeder. Either way, it is unnecessary stress for a young pup, so please consider very seriously the wisdom, or lack thereof, of getting a puppy as a gift.