Choosing a Vet:

In choosing a vet, I recommend getting several references from friends and family. Contact the vets and ask for written protocol for the first year of a pups life. You’ll need to give them a size to get comparable  answers so you could use 6 lbs at 8 weeks and 50 lbs at adulthood for a standard poodle. Just be consistent when giving information to the different vets so you can get comparable answers.
When you get back their answers, you can not only compare prices but also recommendations and what they’d expect. For example, I would shy away from a vet that recommend flea treatment for an 8 weeks old pup,  to give rabies much earlier than 6 months, or to neuter or to young. A Standard Poodle should be at least 1.5 - 2 years old at least.) Some of those kinds of things will tell you what to expect from your vet. I will be glad to go over your finding and help you discern their replies.