Hygiene and Grooming


Most pet Poodles won’t stay in a mane or show coat like Cappuccino, here.  A sporting or puppy cut every 6 week or so (depending on how short you go and how long you like to let it get) will usually suit most canine parents.  Keep in mind that the longer you let the hair get however, the more frequently you will need to brush it to keep it mat and tangle free. 

Not all dogs take pleasure in a bubble bath like Cricket but all of them will need a bath every two or three weeks as well. A small puppy can be washed in the sink.  A towel can be placed on the bottom of the sink to prevent slipping. Older pups will need to be washed in the tub. Use a mild puppy shampoo that is PH balanced specifically for pups and dogs. Look for "no tears" and/or something with oats or aloe.

A pup is inclined to shake the water off when his/her head gets wet. If you wait until the rest of the body is washed and rinsed before washing the head, you may prevent getting your own shower. After soaking the puppy's fur really well, add a generous amount of shampoo and lather well. Be sure to gently rub the shampoo through all the fur and onto the skin as Poodle hair tends to repail water. Lastly, be sure to rinse all the shampoo out in order not to cause scratching and dry, flakey skin.


Most pups can air dry and will do so quickly as they run around the house or yard. Just be careful that they don’t get chilled if the weather is cooler. The rule of thumb in our house is "if it is cold enough for us to wear socks (most of us goes bare foot most of the year), then it is too cold for the pups to run around wet so they need to be blown dried." Blowing drying gives a straighter hair that is easier to cut evenly so you may want to blow dry them anyhow.


The first professional grooming should be after your pup is about has had all of his/her vaccines, including bordetella, to prevent him from picking up anything at the kennel.


If you are so inclined, you may also attempt it yourself. It's hair so it will grow back out if you make a mistake. Find some u-tube videos and have fun!