Ohio Standard Poodles' goal is to breed physically and emotionally healthy family pets. Our strive for excellence will also produce champions in show and agility as well as savvy hunters, exceptional service dogs, and compassionate therapy dogs. We are partial to red and like to dabble with unique colors as well. We strive to improve the depth of the color and reduce the intensity of the shedding gene while maintaining a quality coat and confirmation. 


By heath testing our parents and keeping the parents and babies on a good de-worming and vaccine regimen we are assured of the production of healthy pups. Our dogs are fed a high quality, high protein diet of Life's Abundance along with Nu Vet Vitamins. Pregnant moms are given prenatal vitamins and extra calcium upon whelping and nursing. 


Babies are weened at their and mom's timing, offering them a mush of moistened high protein meal at around 4 weeks old. As mom spends less time nursing, the pups will eat more and graduate to a more solid food as their teeth comes in. By the time a pup is ready to leave at 8 weeks old most StandardPoodles should be totally weened and eating dry morsles. 


Babies are offered a variety of toys at around 4 weeks old. Having a mixture of mediums for them to explore stirs their curiosity and adventure.  Pups keep busy playing with each other, their mom, and toys as they learn to pull, twist, wrestle, squeak, and cuddle.


Newborns are handled, weighed, and checked over physically on a daily basis. At around four weeks, they are allowed visitors and the grandchildren are allowed to play with them under supervision. By the time they are ready to leave the pups are well socialized and eager for their forever families.