There's a little known secret that us breeders hold. May groomer, trainers, nad others working with dogs will concur that generally speaking, boys are easier going, not as hyper, and more eager to please than girls. They tend ot be loving and many time more affectionate. They are often not as stubborn and tend to like all people rather than acclimate to just one. This is more true in other breeds but often seen in the Poodle as well. 


People tend to shy away from boys  - being afraid that they will "lift their legs" or mount. Most people don’t realize that that behavior is more often than not, an alpha responce. Not only can it be trained by teaching your dog that you ar alpha but girls can be alpha as well.


Girls can be territorial, are often more aggressive, and more protective than a male. And... a girl can also mark her territory just like a little boy.


Something to think about…