There's a little known secret that we breeders hold:  Generally speaking, boys are easier going, not as hyper, and more eager to please than girls. They are not as stubborn and tend to like all people and be more social. Most people don’t realize that girls CAN be territorial and more protective than even a male. A female CAN also mark her territory, hump and be the Alpha dog. This is not to say that boys make better pets than girls. It is simply to say that the misconceptions people often have about boys can also apply to girls. Personally, for a pet, I have always went for the little boys.

It is also true, however, that there may be less hormonal jealousy between dogs of different sexes if you have more than one canine. Therefore, if you have a boy and are considering a second pup, you might consider a girl or vice-versa. I would add that the one thing that might trump this "rule of thumb" is if you have seen your dog get along with other adult dogs of the same sex. How your current dog is socialized and their personality will be the deciding factor.


Something to think about…