Deciding a Price:

Prices are driven by supply and demand. They can vary by season, location, sex, color,  color pattern, and coat quality and confirmation, rather there is Champion in the line etc. People also consider how the adult dogs are prepared and how puppies are raised. Larger breeders who don’t interact with their pup or health test the parent dogs can afford to sell large numbers at low prices. There is a lot of that here in Ohio and unfortunately for breeders who invest a lot in their breeding program, it does drive down prices and makes people comparing think a quality breeder’s prices are high in comparable. But... it’s comparing “apples to oranges”.

If you ask breeders of lower price pups the right questions and see the facilities yourself, you will most likely see that there is differences and understand that you often get what you pay for. True, not everyone needs champion line or a perfect confirmation. But most would agree that they want a healthy, well socialized pup and that’s mostly what we at Ohio Standards strive for.

My prices are comparable and usually a bit on the lower side of for what I put into my pups but since the market is so fluid, I don’t publish prices online. Therefore, don’t be afraid to ask me what the current rate is or what upcoming litters are like I to run.  When someone places a deposit, however, even if it is for a future litter, we do lock in a price so that there are no surprises.

Incidentally, I do give a $100 discount to military personnel and first responders so be sure to bring that to my attention if applicable.