The Pick of the Litter Contract




Once the APPLICATION is received and accepted you may place a reservation fee to be put on my Pick of the Litter List to choose. This deposit is applied to the puppy you select for a locked in price listed below. The Pick of the Litter List deposit is non-refundable, unless I do not have the pup you asked for according to the below description and timeline. (i.e. You mark “red”, “male” and I have all girls) The fee is, however, transferable, if for whatever reason it just is not going to work out for you at that time.


EXCEPTION: I reserve the option to keep a pup at any time and always have first choice.


Applicants will make choices based on the order in which they place a deposit which will be determine by the date below. In fairness to other inquiries, this offer is void if deposit is not received within three days of signed agreement.


I start asking people to make their selection between the 3-4 week after the puppy is born to give others the opportunity to also make selection and to give me opportunity to commit placement of the other puppies while they are young. If you do not want a pup from that litter for whatever reason, the deposit can be put on the next litter and so on, as long as Ohio Standard Poodles is in business. If and when you select a specific pup there is an additional non-refundable HOLD DEPOSIT  for that pup.


Again, all deposits apply to the cost of the puppy. I accept Venmo to 419-612-8996 and Zelle @Sherry-Reed-7 only) and  ask 7% state tax to be added to all payments.


Pick of the litter non-refundable deposit Amount: $____ plus 7% state tax = $____

Preferred Sex: Male __ Female__   Either __ Preferred Color or Pattern: _____________________

Locked in Price: $_________                                    Pet_________ Breeding Rights_____________

Preferred/projected time:____________________________

Name: ___________________________________________

Today’s Date:_____________________________________


Email: ___________________________________________

Physical Address: __________________________________


Signature: ________________________________________


Please feel free to contact or 614-589-8891 for more information. I will respond within 48 hours.