One Day United Pet Safe Air Travel


We can ship from Cleveland into most international airport in the US, Canada (Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary), Anchorage, Alaska (Alaska Air Cargo does not fly out of Ohio) , Mexico (Acapulco Guadalajara, Cancun, Merida, Monclova, Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, Leon/Guanajuato, and Mexico City) and San Jaun, Puerto Rico. We use only the largest planes with the temperature controlled, air-compressed compartments. If done properly, shipping is safe and the sensation for a pup to fly is the same as for you and I. In most cases, I can get the pup from me to you in few couple hours, which is easier for him/her than a long car ride.


My shipping day is Thursday. I will only ship with United’s Pet Safe, delta Dash program as of now. United has a good reputation and we have had good success with them. Pets are taken from our cargo facility in a heated/cooled covered van straight to the plane. There should be no reason for our puppies to be exposed to the elements on their trip for any length oftime. Their pet compartments on the planes are pressurized and temperature controlled for the pups' comfort. I try to get flights without a lay-over, but it is not always possible. However, when there is a lay-over there is a vet with the puppy at the airport. We have never had a problem with the care and safety that is taken with the pups. 


Saying all of that, the airlines are pretty rigged with the outside temperature that a pupcan fly in. Temperatures above 85 or under 20 are not permissable so depending on the season and weather, there could be some obsitcles in flying.


I will give your pup daily doses of white corn syrup to build Karo carbohydrate which should ease some of the stress of the flight. I will line the crate with a highly absorbent material in an effort to keep the puppy dry and will pack the crate with newspaper to help them keep warm in cold weather. 


The price is broke down as such:

Flight – $386.75

Vet Check and Certificates $75.00

Approved Crate - $75.00 (which you keep)

40 mile gas and time to airport – Curtesy

Total - $536.75


Pups can also go into Mexico and Canadian for the prices listed below.  Handling fee and the Trans-border fee will need to be paid when you pick up the puppy. I believe the total is around $100 but please call to verify this.



You can verify cost by contacting the 24-hour Live Animal Desk (800.575.3335 or 281.553.5052) and check United’s pet safe details at C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Desktop\Puppies\Web Info\Continental Airlines - Traveling with Animals.mht



Shipping via air takes time to prepare for. It is a process and not something that can usually be done spontaneously. I need a week to get your puppy pack to you, plus get the puppy’s health certificate for travel, and physically prepare the pup to travel. I am able to ship on Thursdays but to secure a vet appointment and get the process going I would usually have to plan by the middle of the previous week.


  • If you have submitted an application and we have agreed upon a puppy and placed a deposit. The next thing you need to do is send me the name of the closest International airport to you or give me your zip code so I can run a check for you. Only the larger airports support the planes we use for puppies. There are sometimes no choices of times but if you have a preference I can see what I can work out. I will also need your full name, physical address, and phone number to book the flight for you. It must match the ID you present when picking up your puppy.


  • After I give you the flight confirmation number and have taken your puppy to the vet for his/her health certificate, you will need to send me the remainder of payment for the puppy and flight before shipping, via a Walmart MoneyGram. This needs to be done least 24 hours before the flight is to depart.


Preparing to receive your puppy from flight:


  • Please understand that the puppy will leave in good health as they have a vet check soon before flight. I also expect for you to secure a vet appointment the day of or after the arrival of the puppy, including having a complete fecal exam, to insure the puppy’s health and secure the terms of the adoption agreement.


  • Have a clean towel and wet rag in case your puppy has soiled and needs cleaned up. They may have a bath in puppy shampoo if needed but that is unlikely. Please have white Karo or white corn syrup (about 1 cc 3 times a day for 3 days) pulled up in a syringe and ready to give orally when the pup arrives. Offer distilled (not spring) water upon arrival and continue on only distilled water for at least a week, then slowly add your tap water to wean him/her over gradually. Please give no treats or other food except the puppy food he/she is on for at least a week or until your veterinarian gives further instructions.


  • Please avoid putting the puppy on the ground where other pups or dogs have been. I am not concerned with a puppy flying. I am concerned with a puppy being exposed to other dogs and their feces.


  • Please understand that if you choose air cargo to receive your pup I will not be able to send the “to-go” bag due to regulations. You will need to prepare with all needed supplies before your pup arrives. 


If for any reason your puppy looks lethargic please call your vet as soon as possible.