Transportation, Delivery, and Pick UP


It is my desire to personally meet each new parent of my babies but I do realize there are times that is not possible. 


The cost of transportation and delivery is the responsibility of the new owners. We can ship via air cargo with United Pet Safe Delta Dash (details in left tab), which I would arrange for you.


You may choose to get one of the several courier choices for ground delivery, in which case you will arrange. Just be sure that the pick up is verified with me before you make solid plans.


If you would like to fly in to get your puppy to take him/her back in the cabin, you can either come to my house or I can meet you at the airport to help with turn the around time of your trip.


A flight nanny is another option. In which case you will also arrange.


Again, please clarify times of visits and pickups with me before making solid plans to be sure that I am home and available.


Please do not arrange for visits, pickups, or deliverys on Sundays. Thank you for your understanding.


Pick up and/or delivery needs to be between the 8th and 9th week, unless otherwise agreed upon. I am pretty flexible and am willing to work with you but I do need for you to be communicative and plan ahead, though. A lack of planning and communication will be a hardship for both of us in the end and is something we really can prevent. 

After exploring my site feel free to contact or 614-589-8991 for more information. I will respond within 24 hours on weekdays.