How about a Christmas puppy? 
    Receiving a pup for Christmas can be loads of fun but it is all too common that the excitement of Christmas leaves a pup stressed and ignored. After the initial excitement, children are distracted by other toys and festivities. Parents have plenty of distraction with the holiday meal, children, preparations, and clean up, as well. 
    Instead of exposing a poor puppy to the chaos and risk (poison chemicals, tinsel, plants) of the holidays, why not gift wrap puppy paraphernalia and a special Christmas picture (as in the scrolling example below)  I have made for you of the pup you choose. This creative gift giving promise gives the kids something to look forward to when they come pick up their fur friend. 
     I listed the approximate times the individual litters will be ready but I will know for sure by the time Christmas is here so you can mark your calendar for the children. 
    Look at "Expecting Moms and Litters" to the left to see the Momma's that can help make this successfully happen for you.