Courier Options



If you prefer, Pet Nannies will  fly with your pets in cabin or you can hire a courier. My preference is PTL Express (Mike Schlagenhauser) for a land courier service. You can reach Mike at 419-565-5781 or write I believe Mikes rate is $25 service charge (pick-up and clean-up) plus $.85 - 1.00 a mile one way. I have known Mike for several years and used him as a courier for my puppies with great satisfaction. Mike is an experienced pet owner and breeder himself who takes special treatment with the pups he delivers. 


You can also find transporters on UShip and CitizenShipper. 


Below are some land transporters to consider:




Pet Transporters - Verified -


TLC Pet Transport -


Pet Transporters Licensed - 


B's Pet Delivery -


Guardian Pet Taxi -


Road Home Pet Transport -


Ed Legg - 253-722-7242


Howler Haulers -


Flight Nanny flys pups in cabin with them.


I will be glad to "vet" your transporters but I may need to speak with them as well. We need to check reviews and references and check them out of FaceBook. Most of all, find out how they clean, how many pets will be in with your puppy, how often and what percautions they take when they stop,  if others will be picked up and dropped off, and how they sanitize between loads.     

Again, please verify or have your courier verify with me a specific pick up time so I can have my schedule arranged accordingly. You also need to let me know if there is anything I need to do specifically to prepare the pup. In some cases the pup will need a specific health certificate. It will take time to arrange that with my vet.