There is increasing consensus among breeders not to allow potential customers to come to their homes. They will typically meet you at a public place to exchange pup and money. The concern is for their safety, their family’s safety, and the safety of their pups. Breeders have been killed, their pups stolen, Dogs poisened, and life threaten viruses like parvo brought into their homes.  


These concerns are real. Therefore, I have a rigid vetting process before giving my specific address. This is what my application does. I ask for all contact information, including your vet’s number. I run a background check and check you out on Facebook. I think that pretty much takes care of the safety issue and trust that serious and potential customers will understand.


Further, I have cameras, a security system, and my home is not necessarily a gun free zone.


As far as bringing in parvo and other diseases, I’m not being insensitive. I have seen parvo and know the devastating effects. I’ve seen it destroy kennels and cost breeder ten’s of thousands of dollars. However, I could bring it in from a trip to the park or TSC. My friends and family could bring it in from Walmart or their neighborhood. I have lots of company and it really can be brought in anytime, by any of them. The number of puppies I produce a year doesn’t warrant the fear that customers will bring it into my home anymore that my numerous friend and family coming to visit... unless they are kennel shopping.


And that is one of the things I need to find out before I allow people to my home. I don’t mind, and expect you to shop, vet, and compare. I just ask that you do not come to my home after you have gone to another kennel. By assuring me of this, I can greatly lesson the chances of bringing in a devastating disease.


It is a lot of work preparing for guest and entertaining company, but I believe my families deserve it. With all the puppy mills and unethical breeders out there hiding what they do, I believe we need to do what we can to demonstrate ethical practices and professionalism.


Therefore, after I receive the application  - in a left tab - and we talk, I would love to give you my exact address, make an appointment to sit and visit with you face to face and allow you to get to know my family and puppies.


Again, I am not saying that people who do not allow visits are shady. I’m just saying that I understand how it throws up a red flag and I think that with a little work we can avoid suspicion.