They're here!!


Scarlet and Jasper gave birth to 9 beautiful dark, rich  red babies on October 28, 2017. Pictures below show examples of what we might expect. Parents are DNA health tested, clear, have a nice square build, and enduring personalities. Pups should mature to around 50 pounds. Please see their pages for more details and explore the rest of this web site to learn more about what to expect from Ohio Standard Poodles.



Babies will be 8 weeks on December 25, 2018.  Five girls and four boys! 


Now accepting deposits for Pick of the Litter.


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                                                                                             The kids call him Brownie. He is a little anomaly here at Ohio Standard Poodles. Both parents are red and ah e a strong red pedigree but he is indeed brown. Not even so much because of his coat color but because of his lover nose and hazel-blue eyes. And upon closer study of his pedigree we see that he indeed has brown which go back four and five generations on both side. What a special little guy he is. (Purple Collar) Available

This little girl is the only female to have any white. Her coat is the deepest red which is probably why those back left toes show up to be strikingly white.  (White Collar) Available

This smart little guy is red abstract. He was the first pup of the litter to set when we worked on learning to mand. He is quite a quick student. (Green Collar) Available

                                  Four weeks old.

Two weeks old:

Below are some of Scarlets past pups from a different sire.